726 Exchange St. 504
Buffalo, NY 14210
Joseph A. Petrella

"It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I provide this Letter of Recommendation for CityView Construction Management and William (Bill) Jones. Having enjoyed a more than 25-years professional association with Billi, I feel I am uniquely qualified to speak to his knowledge of the industry and his overall ability to participate in the construction management of projects large and small. Likewise, I have observed over the last decade how he has built his business and project team and can again offer nothing but the most positive assessment of CityView’s capabilities and “ownership” of projects that they are engaged in.

CityView has consistently played a pivotal role in many aspects of the development of Larkinville and of other properties Larkin Development Group (“LDG”) owns and operates in the Central Business District in Buffalo. In most cases, they have “been at the table “from project inception to project completion offering practical and intelligent value engineering options. Bill Jones’ knowledge of all aspects of construction is uncanny and intuitive and he and CityView have always approached projects with the owner’s best interest."