726 Exchange St. 504
Buffalo, NY 14210
Clinton Brown
FAIA President

"Your experience in complex mixed-used project and especially in hospitality, as at Larkinville, Emeson School and with the Hotel Henry, and your extensive work on historic structures at Larkinville, Root Building, Genesee Gateway at the National Historic Landmark Richardson Olmsted Campus, make you of just a few people who have long track record of success in planning, constructing and enjoying the work of rehabilitating great old structures in our city for new user for years to come.

You have kept a rather low profile, You quietly attend to the details that are crucial to success in these complex projects of renewing historic place, placing the focus on the task at hand and not yourself. Richardson board members have come to rely on your anticipating conflicts in scope of work, budget and schedule, and working on solution to them. You analyze and think before speaking, and you gracefully state what you think must be said to keep a project on track, not calling attention to yourself, but calmly advancing to project’s success. And, yes, keeping architects focused!"