726 Exchange St. 504
Buffalo, NY 14210
Keith Belange
Senior Vice President

"I have known Bill since the late 1980’s when he was tackling the adaptive reuse of the former Nemmer Building, a falling a down 8-story building at Main and Chippewa Street that today is the 14-story City Centre luxury condominium project. I was the commercial loan officer for the project. Bill managed the construction for the development team, overcoming obstacle after obstacle long before there was any significant local experience putting old downtown buildings back to productive use. I subsequently watched Bill lead team that brought the Root Building on Chippewa Street, Genesee Gateway on Genesee Street, as well as the LCo Building and U-Building in Larkinville back to life. He also built one of the first local on-premise brew pubs, Hydraulic Hearth, working with a building that was so fragile that extreme measures had to be taken just to keep it upright. All these projects are today beautiful buildings that are withstanding the test of time.

Bill is first and foremost, practical. He has had enough life experiences to know what will work and what won’t, so he won’t blindly follow a set of drawings to some unfortunate waypoint. He will work with project architects and engineers to insure that what gets designed can actually get built. And Bill is the kind of guy who when he walks around a job site the recognizes how things are going and where he needs to take action. He is personable, friendly, but no one’s fool. He is respected by owners and by the guy pushing the wheel barrel. He is a consummate professional. His character is beyond reproach."